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Lone Tree Jujutsu Will Increase Your Child’s Confidence, Self Esteem, teach Them to Defend Themselves, How to Handle Bullies, and Teach Them the Life Skills They Need to Suceed in Life…

Dear Parent,

Hi, my name is Sensei Richard Huntley, Head Children’s Instructor for Lone Tree Jujutsu with running Swindon’s finest Martial Arts school. To the right hand side you will see a picture of myself and my father Dave Huntley who is the founder of Lone Tree Jujutsu.

On this page you will find all of the benefits that we provide for your child to help them succeed in all areas of their lives.

Why have Swindon Parents brought their children to us for nearly 20 years?

It’s a great question, and most of all it comes down to parents love that their children learn REAL Life Skills in Lone Tree Jujutsu.

Helping tranform children’s lives over the years through Lone Tree Jujutsu we have found and tested what works best for developing the character building of our youth.

So what kind of life skills will your child learn?

Well after just a few sessions of Jujutsu martial art classes with us this is what happens…

Clearer Focus…

Through our classes in Lone Tree Jujutsu we understand how important it is for children to have clearly focus at such a special stage of their lives.

Children achieve clearer focus and concentration by working towards their own personal goals in class.

Before you know it, they will become better at proceeding with home work, any house chores and anything they wish to set their min to.

Self Respect…

What you will see with your child is a new found sight of respect. You see, in real martial arts respect is everything.

Whether it’s self respect or respect for others your child will definitely understand the importance of how to become more responsible for themselves gradually.

In Lone Tree jujutsu we pride ourselves on children becoming leaders using unique lifeskills training you won’t find in other activites.


Self Defence…

They key with self defence is that it all starts with the self. This is what other martial arts schools miss out on but it’s really the key area of your child being able to look after themselves.

So with this said the best form of self defence against the bullies of strangers on the streets is to not get in the situation in the first place.

9 Times out of 10 children get targeted through lack of confidence, and so this brings us on to the next key point.

New Gained Confidence…

Like we mentioned before bullies don’t pick on the children who are more confident about themselves and carry themself well and attract only nice people like a flower does to a bumble bee.

Your child achieves confidence with us through regular classes and rather than throw your child in the deep end we prefer to build their confidence through gradual steps.

Confidence is one of the most common reasons why parents bring their children to Lone Tree Jujutsu.

But let’s not forget! Most importantly, your child will have a lot of fun.

There are honestly countless other benefits children receive through our classes…

But rather than me tell you about them, just listen from what some of our happy parents and Teachers had to say…

Listen To What Happy Parents and Teachers Have To Say…

Zach’s Confidence has Definitely Improved…

“Zach tended to be reluctant to try new things, and we wanted to help build his confidence. Jujutsu is now one of his favourite activities and Zach’s confidence has definitely improved. ”

Mark Naylor (Zach’s Dad)


“We are very pleased with the commitment he has shown…”

“My Son Sam has worked his way through different grades and we are very pleased with the commitment he has shown. This is due to the style of training he receives, which I think is unique to Lone Tree.”

Mr Bradshaw (Sam’s Dad)


“I Can Commend Lone Tree Jujutsu to you as people of the Highest Integrity and Honesty…”

“I Can Commend Lone Tree Jujutsu to you as people of the highest integrity and honesty.”

Mr Dickens Head Teacher Chiseldon Primary School.

“It helps the children learn self defence, and also helps with their confidence and self esteem”

“It has proved to be an extremely successful and well organised club with caters for all ages including school children including some of our own children from this school. It helps the children learn self defence, and also helps with their confidence and self esteem.”

Mr Menham Former Head Teacher.


Will my child get hurt?”

With having taught thousands of students over the years we pride ourselves on safety for all of our student the number one priority.

All of our classes are equipped with the latest interlock safety training mats which your child will safely train on.

Children also have their own safety equipment packs which all of the parents love at Lone Tree Jujutsu.

Will my child have fun? Will they want to stick to the program?”

To start off first yes our martial art classes are a lot of fun for all kids participating.

Over the years we understand that it is crucial that all children enjoy their training so techniques are taught in a fun manner where the students can interact first hand.

As mentioned before we have all students strive towards achieving their belt goals in Lone Tree Jujutsu, and each belt achieve gets them a step closer to the black belt.

Children like to see results to keep them engaged and this is why we have a successful belt system.

All belts are earned in our martial art school with hard work and dedication.

“What if my child’s not athletic, will they find it hard?”

Not at all. A big myth is that you need to be fit and tough to do martial arts, and with Lone Tree Jujutsu that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Don’t get me wrong over time your child will get a lot fitter, but this will come down to natural training progression.

In our martial art school it isn’t like the sports team where only certain child get picked to play. Team sports actually harm the self-esteem of children who aren’t very athletic.

When they don’t perform well, the other children can be pretty nasty. And this can leave some serious scars on their self-esteem.

But with martial arts everyone has their place like a big extended family, with higher graded belts encouraging the newer students.

“Is Jujutsu Just for boys? Or can my Girl take classes too?”

Girls abosulty love martial arts just as much as boys do, and we have a lot of great girls doing great things in our martial art school.

Also, if I’ve learned anything in my years of teaching, it’s that girls are just as tough as boys. Many are even tougher both mentally and physically.

But most of all lot’s of parents bring their daughter’s to us here at Lone Tree Jujutsu as they want them to be able to safely walk the streets confidently.

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