"Lone Tree Jujutsu Reveals The Amazing Samurai Methods From Japan Which Teaches You Self Defence, to Become More Fit and Healthy, and Live a Happier Stress Free Life"

Dear Friend,

My Name is Dave Huntley, founder of Lone Tree Jujutsu, and to the side of my you can see a picture of myself and my son Richard.

Together we pride ourselves on running a world class level for teaching the benefits of this amazing Japanese art called Jujutsu and having been taught and graded in Japan by legendary samurai masters.

Now, I know that a lot of people think martial arts is about learning how to fight…and defend yourself…

But the truth is, It’s So Much More.

It really becomes a way of life when you learn it correctly through a relaxed and enjoyable manner, and you start to look at life in a whole different way from health to business and family relationships.

In Japan this is what’s called Budo, meaning the martial way.

When you discover “Budo” the martial way…

  • You learn how to stay calm, especially in nowadays busy lives.
  • You develop your inner found strength, which is the strength that maybe you don’t even see in yourself right now.
  • And you discover how you can confidently tackle any challenges in your life, with learning how to master Jujutsu you will learn how to master in life what ever you set your mind to.

There is a reason why this ancient art is still practiced today from thousands of years ago…

Here in Lone Tree Jujutsu we are extremly fortunate to have been taught and guided under the watchful eye of the Legendary Grand Master Soke Fumon Tanaka.

He is an author of many bestselling samurai books and Sensei Dave (founder of Lone Tree Jujutsu) met Soke Fumon Tanaka in the 1980’s and was blown away by the practical knowledge on the samurai arts.

Soke’s daughter Shihan Midori is next in line to receive the title of Soke (meaning head of samurai school).

A little history about the lineage with have in Lone Tree Jujutsu with Soke Fumon Tanaka’s smaurai schools.

Koden Enshin Ryu is a school of swordsmanship that originated as Hyoho Kumiuchi Kenden Enshin Ryu, which was a combination of kenjutsu and jujutsu created by Inugami Sakon Shogen Nagakatsu, a Kyoto Imperial Palace guard in the Warring States period from the mid-14th to mid-15th centuries.

In the period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties in the 14th century, Yakushimaru Ryushin fought against the troops of Ashikaga Takauji armed only with the broken shaft of a naginata and defeated his enemies one after another.

Emperor Go-Daigo, who was delighted with the service of Yakushimaru, praised him and called his service “a work of the gods.” From that time, Yakushimaru assumed the surname of Kukami (Kuki), meaning “Nine Gods,” and called himself Kukami Takazane. The origin of Kukishin Ryu is Yakushimaru Ryushin’s way of fighting only with the broken shaft of a naginata.

Here is a fantastic video on our Soke speaking about the ancient samurai arts and demonstrating “Suemonogiri” sword cutting technique.

Here are the Main Reasons Why People Train in Lone Tree Jujutsu To Improve Their Lives.

Effective Self Defence…

Protecting yourself and your loved ones confidently if a physical situation occurred, using the techniques that have been tried and tested for centuries. Jujutsu focuses on correct techniques and leverage instead of relying on brute force and strength.

This is why the art has been adopted by the police and so many other combat forces in armed and unarmed combat since the early world wars.

Getting Fit and Healthy…

Jujutsu is a full-body training session that burns lots of calories. Many people lose weight regardless of diet changes. Of course, when you eat right that makes the weight loss even faster. But either way, you’re going to drop pounds if you have any pounds to drop which I’m sure you won’t mind.

Having FUN…

This isn’t like running on a treadmill for hours and hours… You’ll be learning something new and exciting… Accomplishing challenges you never thought you could… Growing in physical strength, and in mental and
spiritual strength…

Big Stress Relief…

Nothing relieves stress more than good, hard exercise. Add to that a combination of strikes and specific grapple techniques you will knock stress out of your life.

Stress is one of the biggest killers in our nation.

This alone makes Lone Tree Jujutsu worth it to so many people who don’t have an outlet for their stress. When stress is suddenly gone from your life, it leaves space inside of you for good feelings to come.

Being Part of The Lone Tree Family…

New members find it amazing how comfortable they feel in their training sessions with us. Often after just one class people tell us how they feel like they’ve known everyone for years.

Why is this?

That’s because we place a big emphasis on creating not just a great martial arts environment – but a family envi-
ronment. You’ll feel like part of the family in no time. And you’ll know you’re among people who really care
about you and your success.

“After my first few weeks of training I could already notice a difference in myself!”

“I decided to start taking classes will Lone Tree Jujutsu because I wanted to be able to confidently know that i could defend myself if i needed to.

After my first few weeks of training I could already notice a difference in myself at work and with my family. I don’t get stressed out as easily as I used to, and now I feel like I have a clearer focus on life in general and to improve areas of my life which I didn’t even think about before joining Lone Tree.

It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made being part of Lone Tree Jujutsu, and I recommend people to learn from the world class instructors lone tree has.” Kathy B

Feel confident in your ability to defend
your self,
and your loved ones.

This confidence alone scares away most attackers.

When they see how calm and cool you are –
they’ll think twice. There are a handful of specific self defence techniques in Lone Tree Jujutsu that are quick and effective to use.

No more feeling scared when you walk to your
car late at night.

No more wondering what to
do if you were ever attacked.

You’ll have the skills to defend yourself,
and get away. No matter where you are, you’ll
feel safe and secure and confident. You’ll
simply radiate confidence.


“Will I Get Hurt?”

Most people are nervous about taking their first martial art class because they think that they will get hurt. We at Lone Tree Jujutsu are NOT like some other martial art schools who like fighting each other to try and prove a point and feed their egos. Real Budo (Martial Way) is all about improving yourself mentally, physically and spiritually.

Whether it’s learning self defence or losing weight and increase your level of fitness here at Lone Tree we are all about helping you meet your goals and improving peoples lives. This comes back to where i mentioned earlier on this page about the Martial Way of life.

“Do i Need to be Athletic and Flexible?”

The art of Jujutsu does Not rely on athletic ability and how many press ups you can do in a minute. Most students who we teach are of all different fitness abilities and of all ages. We are a family based Jujutsu School.

We have a specific syllabus in Lone Tree Jujutsu the caters for the new beginner right up to black belt standard.

You will only work at your own pace in Jujutsu and the classes are very relaxed and friendly plus a great environment and atmosphere to soak up all the years of knowledge from the Sensei’s (teachers).

“How Do I Get Started?”

Getting started with our FREE Taster Classes…

1. To get started, simply fill out the contact form below & click on the “Send” button.
2. You’ll be usually contacted within 48 hours where we will give you more information on getting started.

3. Then, you can come in at the time that works best for you – and enjoy your Free Empowering Sessions.

And of course if you have any questions, please feel free to personally email us info@lonetree.org.uk and we’ll be glad to help you.

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